Children are Way Smarter than Yellow!

Posted on: August 2, 2018 10:00 am

Children are Way Smarter than Yellow!

Children are much more competent than merely learning a color a week. Lots of preschools focus on a color or a letter of the week. During my first three weeks as Director of HPUMP, I saw children in our Starshine Friends Class (two and a half to three and a half years) discussing a “rainbow” on the floor! The children noticed how a prism in the window created a rainbow image and the teachers eagerly documented and scaffolded their interests.

Our teachers provided markers, paints and paper on the floor where the children were discussing the rainbow. Teachers also brought in books about rainbows. Our Atelieristas provided exciting experiences with paint by blending with oils, soap, and milk. The Starshine Friends eagerly discussed their infatuation with colors every day. Children enjoyed lying on the floor and having the rainbow on their bodies! Of course we took pictures, videos, and wrote lots of the children’s ideas about colors.

Eventually, the children’s discussion moved from rainbows to from where the light came. They all agreed it was due to the sun and some wonderful science dialogue occurred. These children remained enamored with “rainbows on the floor” for of a couple months. After a period of time, all of this class could recognize colors and many of them would recite the colors in the order they appear from a prism. Our children taught us again we should not limit their world, we need only listen to their ideas, and offer materials and open-ended questions!

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