Curiosity, wonder, and enthusiasm for learning – those are just a few of the traits that have grown in our daughter Madison since she started at Highland Plaza as a three-year-old. She thrives on the encouragement and inspiration of teachers who empower her natural yearning to create through art, music and story development. She bursts with excitement at the end of each school day, telling us what she has learned about her own world, how her class is helping children in other parts of the world, and how she can’t wait to go back to preschool to continue working on her latest project!

Myra Fox

HPUMP has been a wonderful second home to our family.  The staff and leadership of the school have exemplified above and beyond efforts to communicate to parents and continuously educate the staff to provide the best learning experience for our children.  The school is involved with servicing the community and providing a nurturing environment for all who walk through the door. HPUMP is such an asset and we are thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. Thanks HPUMP!

Jeff, Bridget, Hayden and Harrison Gibson

In 2007, when I stepped foot into Highland Plaza so that my son could have time to interact with other children his age, I never realized what a difference it would make in our family. Over the past 4 years, I have been so impressed by the dynamics of the school and the loving interchange between all the teachers and parents.

The teachers have taught my children to explore their imagination and allowed them the room to flourish. They have learned to develop their creativity and truly explore who they are. Vicky’s passion and love of teaching and the preschool shine through in everything she does. At Highland Plaza, my sons haven’t just learned ABC’s and 123’s, they have learned to be contributing members of society and have been nurtured into being individuals and not just a number in a classroom. I will never be able to thank them enough and will never forget my family’s time here.

Melody Govig

I think all parents have reservations the first time they see their toddler marching away to preschool, and I was no exception. I was so fortunate that these fears were immediately alleviated at Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool. Leaving my children here is like leaving them with family. There is so much love, encouragement, and support from an incredible staff and a close network of parents. It is a beautiful experience watching your children grow from dependent babies to independent free-thinking preschoolers. I feel blessed to have discovered an environment that promotes the natural inquisition of a child. I have been fortunate enough to send my two daughters here and my son will begin his journey next year.

Diana Appleby

The other day we were driving around town running errands. Michael (my four-year old) starts to sing “My Name is Stegosaurus” and Erica (my 14-year old) chimes in with a smile and a “I remember this song from when I went to Highland Plaza.” It’s timeless. The primary feeling my kids have from their experience is love.

Marji Cyrul
Mom of 3 all of whom attend or have attended HPUMPS