Each  class participates in Chapel once a month, sometimes in their classrooms, and other times in the Gathering Room.  Ms Melia Warren, director of the Children's ministry at our parent church, will lead these programs, consisting of Biblically-based stories and songs.  


Chapel Schedule 2016-2017

9:30 – 10:00

Twinklers & Starshine Friends

10:00 – 10:30

Moonbeams & Sunshine Gang

10:30 – 11:00

Rainbow Kids

Upcoming dates:

  • October 19/20, 2016
  • November 16/17
  • December 14/15
  • January 18/19, 2017
  • February 15/16
  • March 15/16
  • April 19/20

New Additions to our Environment for the 2015-2015 School Year - AUGUST 28, 2015

This week on Facebook, we highlighted some of the new additions to our HPUMP environment for the new school year. We are certain the children are going to enjoy all of the changes as they find them!  Below are the descriptions for each of the changes as posted.  You can find more photos under the Environments area of our website, starting here.


First up: the Playscape! Ms. Vicky's dream of adding a giant percussion frog to our Chattanooga Symphony area has finally come true! Thanks to our wonderful Teacher Appreciation Committee for providing some of the funding. We were excited to find a chain sawn mushroom to perch the frog on.

Other Playscape changes include a new stepping stone pathway on the far side, tree cookie steps between the embankment slides, a sectioned log sitting area near the upper fence, new rock garden beds with a mudslide path between, and the climbing wall (holds to be installed within the next month).


The Container Gardens area just outside the Starshine and Sunshine Gang classes has several additions this year. Most noticeable may be the split rail fence setting the Gardens’ upper boundary. Katie Hopper completed her Girl Scout project to earn her Silver Award by installing the fence along the tree line. She organized a book sale to raise the funds, made measurements to plan for the materials needed and shopped for them. She also rounded up a work crew and coordinated two work days.

Also added to the Container Gardens are rubber boot trees, a "store front" for the Mud Factory, a bird feeder, and a picnic umbrella.


If you attended our preschool last year, you’ve watched the Courtyard area evolve. Now with the fence/walls finished, take time to look over all of the rich details. Both gates are finished, and on the side gate, the children made the clay spheres placed on top to represent our logo. In the center of the area, there is a beautiful work surface featuring embedded glass pieces in cement added onto a giant stump for small group work. Mulch was also added for a nicer ground cover. Still to come: more vegetation and a new arrangement of accessories.

With the completion of this area, every class now has direct access to outdoor classroom space just outside their door! Twinklers and Moonbeams share the Wetlands area. Sunshine Gang and Starshine Friends share the Container Gardens, and Rainbow Kids and the Atelier share the Courtyard. Of course all friends are welcome in any of the areas and often visit each other!


Another renovation at HPUMP: the Library! Situated between the Gathering Room and the Twinkler Class, our new library gives children a special space to visit and pick out books on topics they’re exploring in class. Thanks to Jason Heaton, this has come to life in a customized and very sophisticated way! Beautiful wood shelves, a butcher block desk, new baseboards and a soothing color of paint. Final touches include a rug, two lamps and a pair of work stools.


One final addition you will hear more about in the next few weeks is the Augmented Reality Sand Table in the Gathering Room.  This is a sandbox with a topography map projected onto it, so as the children move the sand around, the topography map changes from blue, green, yellow to red depending on how high the sand is.  We can’t wait to see how the children use this new tool.  Special thanks to the McKennas for their hard work on this project!  

HPUMP teachers and staff on Monday (3/2/2015) were BLESSED with massages by Chuck Smith, LMT from The Wellness Tree. This was an incredible treat provided by our FABULOUS Teacher Appreciation Committee. 

To all those that contribute time and/or money to T.A.C.: WE THANK YOU!!!!

For information about all the services The Wellness Tree provides go to

Play on the Playscape

NEW HPUMP VIDEO ALERT - August 5, 2014

The children got creative on the playscape with a big pile of logs and tree cookies. Just another fun day at HPUMP Summer Camp!

It is also available on the HPUMP YouTube Channel



Dear HPUMP MWF & RBK Families,

Just a little calendar reminder...

The preschool will be closed THIS Friday, April 25th for Teacher Inservice.


This Saturday, March 22nd from 9AM until Noon HPUMP will hold its PLAYSCAPE SPRING SPRUCE-UP. [Rain Date: Sunday, March 23rd from 1:30PM until 4:30PM]

JOIN US! Bring your rakes, pruners, gloves and energy. 

Email your RSVP to Ms Vicky at

Announcement - MARCH 10, 2014

Dear HPUMP Parents,
It's time once again for our favorite time of year at the preschool: STUDIOPENDOUS!!!
Please plan to join us for this FREE event, where we will all come together to celebrate all that your kids have been learning and experiencing this year.
All this week we'll have pre-bidding available for our silent auction items, and a preview of our live auction items as well. Pre-bidding will be open to all during school hours, and if you won't be able to join us for the event on Friday you may enter ghost bids for any of the live auction items by talking with Ellyne. Come by the gathering room any time this week and enjoy free coffee while you browse!
Doors open for StudioPendous on Friday, March 14th at 6:00 PM. In order to make this event free, we're not going to serve food this year, but there will be a bake sale so eat before you come and save room to buy dessert!
There will be plenty of kid activities and a puppet show, so bring the whole family to admire your preschooler's art!
The silent auction bidding will start to close at 6:45, and the live auction will begin at 7:15. Remember, you can put in a ghost bid if you won't be able to come or stay for the live auction.
We look forward to seeing you there at another amazing StudioPendous event, FREE and starting on Friday at 6PM!


Calling ALL Playscape Warriors!

Your help is needed to Spruce-Up the Playscape for Spring.

Bring your rakes, pruners, gloves, and energy.
We’ll work from 9AM to Noon on Saturday, March 22.
[Rain date: 1:30-4:30PM, Sunday, March 23.]

Email your RSVP to Ms Vicky at

Announcement - March 5, 2014: Business Card ArtWork Winner

We are very excited to finally announce the winning artwork for Ms. Vicky's new business cards. Thank you Katelyn! We have such a talented bunch of students at HPUMP! And many many thanks goes out to all the children that participated. WELL DONE FRIENDS!

Creating Mechanical Sculptures


The Rainbow Kids have been creating "mechanical sculptures" out of screws, nuts, washers and other metal hardware. Their individual sculptures will be mounted together on a copper-sheeted piece of wood. In this video we see a student creating a patina on the copper with a blowtorch. He is mesmerized as he watches the flame change the color of the copper.

It is also available on the HPUMP YouTube Channel! 


Dear HPUMP Friends,

In our recent “How Are We Doing Survey” we discovered that a few of you would like the option to park for pick-up after Stay Days and After Labs. We will continue to run carpool as we have in the past. Please form two lines to allow more cars to enter the parking lot. If, however, you desire to park for pick-up then please park only in the areas designated on the diagram above. You may then walk to the side entrance door and sign your child out. Please do not enter the building. The children will be lined up in the hallway for pick-up at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after Stay Day and at 2:15 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays when After Lab is over.

Please be cautious in the parking lot at all times, and do not allow your cell phone to be a distraction. We hope that this option will be less stressful for all.

Ellyne Newton
Assistant Director

NEWS FLASH - February 15, 2014

This is a reminder that HPUMP is open on Monday, February 17th. It is NOT a school holiday. Doors will open at 9:05AM!