New Enrollment Process beginning November 1, 2017!

We have a new enrollment process!  We are not having  a designated open enrollment day.  We will now maintain a continuous wait list for future students.  You may register for this wait list at any time by filling out the commitment form and paying the $25 commitment fee.  

Students will be admitted to our school according to their place on the waitlists.  Returning students will have priority for the following year, followed by siblings of returning students and teachers' children.  

If you would like to be on the wait list, you must submit the commitment form and fee of $25 (only excepts are alumni families and HUMC active members).  You may submit our online form and pay via Paypal or print the pdf version and mail it with a check to HPUMP, 4226 Norcross Road, Hixson TN 37343. You can email it as well to director@highlandplazapreschool.org.  We will send you an email confirmation once we receive your form and $25 fee.


Important Information:
* We will email everyone on the list every six months to confirm continuing interest.  You must respond to the email within two weeks to remain on the waitlist.  
* Currently-enrolled children, their siblings, and teachers' children will get priority for open positions.  They must commit to their spots for the next school year during the first week of February.  After these children, we will take names from the waitlist.
* You will be notified immediately via phone or email when a position opens for your child and you must accept within 48 hours.  Once you've accepted, you must complete registration paperwork and pay the $120 one-time non-refundable registration fee as soon as possible.
* HPUMP alumni families (parents or sibling alumni) and active Hixson United Methodist Church members are not required to pay the $25 commitment fee.  They only need to fill out the commitment form to be placed on our waitlist.
* Openings can occur at any time during the year; however, our primary registration period occurs in February for the following year.
* It is your responsibility to contact us with any updated personal information via phone or email.
* The $25 commitment fee is non-refundable unless you remain on the wait list for three school years without being offered a spot.
* You are permitted to decline a position and remain on the list for a later opening.
* Once you have a confirmed position, you must attend a formal classroom tour before your child begins.  Tour dates can be found on our website.  
* You may call or email anytime to check your waitlist status.  Please remember we will not begin setting classes for the next school year until February prior.  (For instance, for classes beginning August 2018, the registration process begins in February 2018.)